In addition to our press release writing and editing services, we have very experienced copy writers, with hundreds of thousands of words in print and online to date.

Whether you need content for your printed material, product or service descriptions, online content, advertising campaigns, or any other piece of writing, we can help.

There can be very different types or styles of writing, of course, and it is important to really understand the audience you are writing the content for. ┬áThis is another of our specialties, as you could have a great message, but if it’s not worded properly for your targeted market then you’ll miss out. ┬áThis includes web pages being written for both the readers as well as search engines, as they are two very different audiences, and blending keyword optimization with your message can sometimes be very tricky. We have seen many people make the mistake of focusing too much on their keywords, which makes their content read poorly. The opposite is also a very common mistake, where people will write for the readers but a lack of keyword utilization makes their pages more difficult to locate online.

Next time you’re developing content for any part of your business and need some help formulating the copy, contact Catton Communications for some assistance.