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We're pleased to announce that our biggest client has seen a 175% increase in their organic search engine traffic! In just six months' worth of time, we have written many new pages of content and worked to distribute and share through social networks to engage more users. Not only has the content been written with search engine optimization in mind, but it is done so that it is informative to the readers, which is what Google really wants - original content that people find valuable and want to share. Not only has the organic search traffic increased by 175%, but other key website traffic indicators also improved, such as the number of new visitors and the number of pages viewed. We were able to more than double their organic search engine traffic and overall site performance, but we were also able to do it for less than half the price they were paying before to a larger company. The result is an efficiency 5x greater than before. Better results for less money is a good thing! If you are interested in finding out more about what we can do for your website, contact Catton Communications today for a free consultation.