We have several clients who work in a similar industry but do not overlap or compete, as they provide different functions and are in different locations as well.

One of the things we do is listen to what they say their ideal customers are – what they’re saying and what they’re looking for. We then take the time to help them develop content around what those sets of keywords and phrases are for search engine purposes as well as of course the readers. We not only propose and write content specific for them, but also consult on other ares of their PR and marketing strategies.

We have had stellar results with all three of these clients reaching desired keyword phrases that have helped position them so that they are getting more of their ideal visitors. One company was brand new and competing with others in their industry that had been around for decades, yet they hit #1 in Google for a crucial local keyword. Another client was also new to their space and was able to reach the top spot for a variety of desired words and phrases, resulting in a dramatic decrease in their paid search costs. The other company was able to get first-page results in a dozen or more coveted keywords, effectively competing with other companies that spend at least ten times the amount in monthly online marketing costs.

For all three, the quality of their visitors increased their efficiency considerably. We certainly can’t take all the credit, though. With all of these companies there were vital contributions from their in-house teams as well as their design partners to help keep visitors on the site and help convert them into leads. This is an important fact – that it usually takes a team of people who bring their own areas of expertise.

If you’re looking to improve your positioning and conversion rates, while also hopefully saving money from what you’re currently spending, contact us today.