I consider myself to be a non-traditional person in many ways. I often feel that I’m the exception to a rule, and while finding my own path has certainly made things difficult at times, it has also brought many more rewards and I continue to learn and gain experience as well.

One area for me has been in business and investing. I have personally always been interested in starting new things and fleshing out new ideas or concepts. One way to invest is to put money into stocks. Another way is to put it into businesses directly, which is my preferred method.

I have had some big successes recently in a couple companies, which are continuing to grow and evolve. There are also new ventures coming in this year with additional companies already lined up. The successes (and previous failures) have allowed me to build the confidence to help other entrepreneurs get their companies launched or out of the start-up phase, and now I’m looking for more opportunities to help. Specifically, I’d like to invest in products or services that I personally believe in and feel I can help be successful.

Launching Your Business

Do you have a great product or service that you feel would be a huge success, but need help mapping out how to get there?

Do you have a small business that you’re trying to grow and has a lot of potential?

I want to help.

I’m currently accepting proposals through the contact page on this site as well as my personal site for me to consider investing in. The investment may come in the form of time or money, or both.

If you’re looking for someone to help you get going to help take your business to another level, I want to hear from you!

Please include your name, contact information, the business/product/service name and description, what phase things are currently in, and what kind of help you might be looking for.